Drink Just Water

Challenge yourself to make ‘just water’ your only beverage for 14 or 30 days this March, to improve your health and raise money to help give safe water to others.

Registration is free.

  • Drink Just Water

    1 in 10 people worldwide don’t have access to safe, clean water. Water is essential for life and good health.

    Drinking sugary drinks can have disastrous effects on your health. It can lead to weight gain, tooth decay and insulin resistance to name just a few of the known health issues.

    Challenge yourself to make ‘just water’ your only beverage for 14 or 30 days this March, to improve your health and raise money to help provide lifesaving safe water to others.

    Health tip: Staying hydrated is essential for good performance both mentally and physically.

    Walter’s tip: If you need to take a day off during your challenge, you can! Just donate $20 to yourself or add an extra day to your challenge. For more rules, click here.

    Drink just water

Model and social influencer Elyse Knowles and health and wellness motivator Dani Stevens are both taking the Water Challenge this March. Will you join them and sign up today?

Drink Just Water
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Drink Just Water
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Drink Just Water

People you will be helping

  • Take the Water Challenge for someone like Dadi
    Dadi enjoys playing netball with her friends

    14 year old Dadi feels lucky because her school has safe water and toilets, and that means more time doing the things she loves like playing netball with her friends.

    "After school I came home to fetch water for our dinner. Some afternoons I collect shells from the nearby mangroves for our dinner."

    Dadi, Papua New Guinea

    Dadi is proud that she never has to miss school and dreams of one day looking after her parents.

  • Take the Water Challenge for someone like Martha
    This is the very first time in her life that Martha has been lucky enough to wash with clean water.

    Just a few years ago life was very different. The women and children in Martha’s village would collect dirty water from a distant location that would often make them sick.

    After establishing a Water Committee and working with WaterAid the community now have access to clean water via a hand pump that is easy to maintain and sustain.

    “It’s a lucky generation, the generation of my children and my grandchildren are lucky to get clean water so close and easily. I am happy for them.”

    Mulu, Ethiopia

  • Take the Water Challenge for someone like Carlinda
    Collecting water is a task of the women in Carlinda’s community.

    During the dry season the tank in Carlinda’s village is often empty. As a result, Carlinda must travel long distances to collect water where she is at risk to poisonous snakes and wild animals.

    The water she collects is dirty and often makes her children sick with diarrhoea. One of Carlinda’s five children has died due to diarrhoea caused by unsafe water.

    Carlinda’s village has established a Water Committee and is working with WaterAid to improve access to safe water in her community.

    “Having …clean water that is close will help reduce the diarrhoea and disease.”

    Carlinda, Mozambique


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